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At this site you can order tickets for "Next Musical Express - Giro555 Special"

To order tickets you follow these steps:
- Select the desired event.
- Indicate the amount of tickets you would like.
- Enter your address information and send your order.
- You'll get a confirmation by e-mail with payment-instructions.

For which event do you want order tickets?
vrijdag 25 maart 2022, 19:30 uur Internet-order period is over for this event.
vrijdag 25 maart 2022, 21:15 uur Internet-order period is over for this event.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office on the day of the show as long as tickets are available.
The box office will open half an hour before the show starts.
You can exchange your reservation for the actual tickets at the box office before the show starts.
The entire proceeds from ticket sales benefits Giro555 and thus the people from Ukraine who so desperately need our support.


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